Greetings My Strong Willed Survivors!

untitledMy name is Kina Andrews and I am the founder of Strong Willed Survivor (SWS). I am a motivational speaker, advocate and author. I’m a cancer survivor, I was hit by an eighteen-wheeler truck, later diagnosed with endometriosis, fibromyalgia (and a few others), but most importantly I am truly a living breathing walking miracle and I do consider myself a Strong Willed Survivor.

I started SWS, to provide awareness while uplifting and encouraging. My hopes are that SWS, can be the link bringing other survivors (men, women, teens and youth) together to encourage and uplift one another.

We all go through some sort of struggles or obstacles , whether health related or personal, but just like Dr. Maya Angelou’s poem “Still I Rise,” one must gather their inner strength to push forward and persevere despite what they are going through this very minute or what their past or future situation may look like.

My motto is: “Behind every struggle you’ll find an OVERCOMER!” What makes us a Survivor or OVERCOMER is how we persevere in times of adversity. No matter what obstacle a person may encounter or curve balls may be thrown their way if you keep pushing through while in your storm, stay encouraged and have a great support system (which is essential to your growth) eventually that glimpse of light will start shining through.

I’m so excited that you took some time to stop pass and visit our website. Stay connected with us via our website, Facebook & Instagram and Twitter as we have some great promotions, upcoming events and don’t forget to order your SWS T-shirt.